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6 articles available in total starting from 06/02/2019. Last article published on 27/11/2020.

Review: Bilesuvar

Review: Bilesuvar

Elvin Adigozel creates an atmospheric and existentialist film, painting through five stories the elliptical portrait of everyday life and of evanescent horizons in the heart of Azerbaijan  

27/11/2020 | Films | Reviews | France/Azerbaijan

Ru Hasanov • Director of The Island Within

Interview: Ru Hasanov • Director of The Island Within

"Making this film was a long and intimate process, it reflects my relations to my family and my country"

We have interviewed Azerbaijani director Ru Hasanov, who won the award for Best Director at Sarajevo's Feature Competition for his strangely specific The Island Within  

21/08/2020 | Sarajevo 2020 | Competition

Review: The Island Within

Review: The Island Within

Azerbaijani director Ru Hasanov's second film is a strangely specific story of a special protagonist who puts himself into extraordinary circumstances  

17/08/2020 | Sarajevo 2020 | Competition

Review: When the Persimmons Grew

Review: When the Persimmons Grew

The Azerbaijani-Austrian production, which won the Heart of Sarajevo for Best Documentary Film, is a meditative, poetic documentary and an intimate portrait of the filmmaker’s mother  

26/08/2019 | Sarajevo 2019 | Documentary Competition

Veit Helmer • Director of The Bra

Interview: Veit Helmer • Director of The Bra

“Each of the women have their own strange obsessions and their own, individual reasons for trying the bra on”

We sat down with director Veit Helmer at the Bari Bif&st to talk about his film, The Bra, set in an extraordinary district of Baku which no longer exists  

30/04/2019 | Bif&st 2019

Review: End of Season

Review: End of Season

IFFR's Bright Future FIPRESCI Prize-winning film, directed by Elmar Imanov, portrays the limits of modernity in contemporary Azerbaijan society through a disturbing family drama  

06/02/2019 | IFFR 2019 | Bright Future Competition

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