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Berlinale 2005 / Competition

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12 articles available in total starting from 21/01/2005. Last article published on 22/02/2005.

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That dark music of the heart

Jacques Audiard’s last film, De battre mon cœur s’est arrêté (That beat my heart skipped), in competition in Berlin, won many people’s approval. This film, a tribute to James Toback’s Fingers, is...  

22/02/2005 | Berlinale 2005 | Competition

Sophie’s choice

The public’s reaction after the screening had left no doubt about Marc Rothemund’s chances to win a Bear. His Sophie in Sophie Scholl, The Last Days is tragic and strong like a modern Joan of Arc....  

21/02/2005 | Berlinale 2005 | Competition

Danish accusations

‘When we started working on this project, we had no idea where it would take us. It is not a film about pedophilia, it is about being accused of something you have not done.’ Jacob Thuesen was...  

19/02/2005 | Berlinale 2005 | Competition

The blue halo of Hirohito

In Solnze, Aleksandr Sokurov - a frequent guest in Berlin - keeps exploring his gallery of historical characters looking back on their lives as they grow old.  

18/02/2005 | Berlinale 2005 | Competition

Mitterand, questions about a reign

Known for his skillful depiction of Marseille with his port and streets, Robert Guédiguian ventures into an new experience, recounting the last weeks of François Mitterrand, the late French president  

16/02/2005 | Berlinale 2005 | Competition

Milk Golden Bear for best short film

Milk, a British short film by Scottish director Peter Mackie Burns won the Golden Bear for short film in the 55th Berlin International Film Festival Tuesday night. In only ten minutes, Milk...  

16/02/2005 | Berlinale 2005 | Competition

Christian Petzhold's Ghosts

’A mother in search of her lost child. I was reading the brothers Grimm’s tales when I thought of making a film about ghosts and identity, about the desperate quest for one’s roots.’ This is how...  

15/02/2005 | Berlinale 2005 | Competition

Utopia in One day in Europe

This film, which marks Hannes Stöhr’s return to the Berlinale four years after winning the Choice of the public Prize, is deeply European in its origins and content  

12/02/2005 | Berlinale 2005 | Competition

Selection of the Hungarian Film Fateless

Another film has just been added, in extremis, to the list of films in competition at the 55th Berlinale which is starting tomorrow. This last minute candidate is the Hungarian film Fateless by...  

09/02/2005 | Berlinale 2005 | Competition

Glamourous French selection

Guédiguian, Téchiné, Audiard, Corneau, Wargnier...The official Competition of The 55th Berlinale gives a prominent place to the Names of the French cinema.  

08/02/2005 | Berlinale 2005 | Competition

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