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Berlinale 2008 / Panorama

14 articles available in total starting from 10/01/2008. Last article published on 14/02/2008.

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Three days and counting

The Panorama Special section today presented one of the tour Spanish titles selected at the Berlinale: Before the Fall (3 días) by debut filmmaker Javier Gutiérrez. Shot in Seville, this sci-fi...  

14/02/2008 | Berlinale 2008 | Panorama/Spain

Leaving Titov Veles

In Veles, a semi-rural village in Macedonia, life revolves around the town’s only factory, which poisons and kills the inhabitants. Three sisters hope every day to leave the village, to search for...  

14/02/2008 | Berlinale 2008 | Panorama/North Macedonia

Leipzig beauties chronicle bygone era

Leipzig beauties chronicle bygone era

Yesterday, German audiences at the Berlinale once again showed their enthusiasm for local productions, and in particular documentaries, that explore aspects of recent German history. Gunther...  

13/02/2008 | Berlinale 2008 | Panorama/Germany

Kinski and the Pharisees

Yesterday, viewers at the Berlinale had the opportunity to relive an impassioned "performance" given by Klaus Kinski in 1971 before an outraged and rowdy audience. For his film Jesus Christ...  

12/02/2008 | Berlinale 2008 | Panorama/Germany

Hofer, Ragazzi and the Winter of their discontent

From Teddy Awards emcee to nominee: After having hosted the 2007 ceremony for the awards given to gay-themed films at the Berlinale, this year Gustav Hofer (a documentary filmmaker and noted face...  

12/02/2008 | Berlinale 2008 | Panorama/Italy

Death and dreariness at the manor in Guilty

The title of French film Guilty by Laetitia Masson - which screened at Berlin in the Panorama section - is deceptive, for beyond the Cluedo-like murder mystery, the director explores an altogether...  

12/02/2008 | Berlinale 2008 | Panorama/France

Big Brother in Denmark

Danish filmmaker Søren Kragh-Jacobsen’s What No One Knows, which had its official screening last night in the Panorama Special, is a gripping political thriller denouncing the surveillance society...  

12/02/2008 | Berlinale 2008 | Panorama

The fabulous world of Raquela

The fabulous world of Raquela

Raquela lives in Cebu City, in the Philippines. She is a "ladyboy", a queen born in a male body. Like her friends, she makes ends meet as a prostitute yet she dreams of a western prince charming...  

11/02/2008 | Berlinale 2008 | Panorama

Love, crimes and disappearing acts

Stefan Arsenijevic’s debut feature Love & Other Crimes screened yesterday evening in the Panorama section, marking the young Serbian director’s fourth time at the Berlinale. It was, according to...  

11/02/2008 | Berlinale 2008 | Panorama

Boy A: Crime and punishment, without redemption

"There are scenes you don’t rehearse, you just shoot, period. In that way you create the psychology and setting. Screenwriter Mark O' Rowe and I wrote very precise dialogue, working above all to...  

10/02/2008 | Berlinale 2008 | Panorama/UK

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