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Cannes 2005

126 articles available in total starting from 20/01/2005. Last article published on 26/05/2005.

Atalanta's acquisitions

At the Cannes Film Market, the distribution company Atalanta Filmes bought six European productions which will be released soon, starting next Autumn, everywhere in Portugal, especially in the...  

26/05/2005 | Cannes 2005 | Market

Presentation of the Euromed Audiovisual Programme

The 18th of May three representatives of the General Direction EuropeAid (Carla Montesi, Head of Unit, Catherine Colomb-Nancy, responsible of the Programme and Sarah Rinaldi, in charge of the...  

24/05/2005 | Cannes 2005 | European Union

What was behind the final decision

During the press conference which took place on Sunday afternoon, the jury of this 58th Cannes Film Festival confirmed the rumours according to which this year’s hotly-debated results represented...  

23/05/2005 | Cannes 2005 | Jury

Contrasting results

The 58th Cannes Film Festival ended last night with awards which were qualified as strange by many observers, the finishing touches to a trench that is being dug out bit by bit between the pure...  

23/05/2005 | Cannes 2005 | Awards

The reaction of the Dardennes and Haneke

For this 58th Cannes Film Festival, the traditional press conference organised after the final ceremony starred two big winners and regular guests of the French festival : Jean-Pierre and Luc...  

21/05/2005 | Cannes 2005 | Palmarès

L'enfant, European Palme d'Or

L'enfant, European Palme d'Or

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne have just entered the legend of the Cannes Film Festival : tonight, they received their second Golden Palm —after their success with Rosetta in 1999— for The Child....  

21/05/2005 | Cannes 2005 | Palmarès

Chromophobia, the upper middle class colours

All the colours of the London upper class family – with its secrets, its dissatisfactions, its betrayals – are in Chromophobia, the Festival closing film. A prestigious casting (Kristin Scott...  

21/05/2005 | Cannes 2005 | Closing film

A great satisfaction for European cinema

Besides the several palms won by European filmmakers, including the Golden Palm, the parallel sections and the other contests organised by other committees during the Festival (including the...  

21/05/2005 | Cannes 2005 | Awards

The "Chalais" to Marco Tullio Giordana

The François Chalais Award, named from the French film critic, has been awarded this year to Once you're born… by Marco Tullio Giordana. This Award is given by the French Ministry for Culture, the...  

21/05/2005 | Cannes 2005 | Award

Habana Blues, closing to Latin rhythms

Some years ago, Buena Vista Social Club by Wim Wenders drew a portrait of an idealized Cuba, almost stereotypical, culturally and musically stuck in the 60’s, in which old musicians became new...  

21/05/2005 | Cannes 2005 | Un Certain Regard

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