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Cannes 2006 / Un Certain Regard

15 articles available in total starting from 08/03/2006. Last article published on 28/05/2006.

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European co-productions get recognition

European involvement in international productions was recognised yesterday at the Un Certain Regard awards ceremony of the 59th Cannes Film Festival. The Grand Prize, awarded by jury president...  

28/05/2006 | Cannes 2006/Un Certain Regard | Awards

La Californie: Cannes in off-season

The Un Certain Regard section of the 2006 Cannes Film Festival closed yesterday with the screening of La Californie, the debut feature by experienced screenwriter Jacques Fieschi, who has worked...  

26/05/2006 | Cannes 2006/Un Certain Regard | France

Retrieval : Journey to a cruel world

Viewers were taken on a journey to a merciless Poland this afternoon, with the Un Certain Regard screening of Retrieval (Z Odzysku), the debut feature by Slawomir Fabicki, the Oscar-nominated...  

24/05/2006 | Cannes 2006/Un Certain Regard | Poland

Salvador, the last of the idealists

Salvador, the last of the idealists

On March 2, 1974, Salvador Puig Antich, accused of having killed a police officer, was executed in Spain. He was 25. He was the last political prisoner to be subjected to the "garrota" and his...  

23/05/2006 | Cannes 2006/Un Certain Regard | Spain

To live and die in Oslo

Norway was not represented in official selection at the Cannes Film Festival since 1994, with Unni Straume’s . This time, it’s young Stefan Faldbaken’s turn, with his debut film Uro. Shot in a...  

22/05/2006 | Cannes 2006/Un Certain Regard | Norway

Doctor Usmonov cures impotency

Will Kamal succeed in overcoming his fears to return home and finally consummate his marriage with his wife? This is, seemingly, the subject of To Get to Heaven You First Have to Die, the new film...  

22/05/2006 | Cannes 2006/Un Certain Regard | France

Mitulescu and the end of Ceausescu’s dictatorship

Catalin Mitulescu, winner of the Golden Palm for Best Short in Cannes in 2003, got off to a good start this afternoon with her new feature, The Way I Spent the End of the World, which charmed...  

22/05/2006 | Cannes 2006/Un Certain Regard | Romania

Murderers or Pialat's ghost

An air of nostalgia reigned yesterday afternoon in Un Certain Regard with Patrick Grandperret’s Murderers, a film based on an original idea by Maurice Pialat (winner of the Golden Palm at Cannes...  

21/05/2006 | Cannes 2006 | Un Certain Regard/France

Bellocchio: "My film transmits energy"

Bellocchio: "My film transmits energy"

The influential French daily paper Le Monde called him “the last of the Mohicans of the Italian Nouvelle Vague” in today’s afternoon edition: Although Marco Bellocchio has been a frequent...  

21/05/2006 | Cannes 2006 | Un Certain Regard | Italy

"Kamel La France" fails in Bled Number one

“The mad ones are out". This is the cruel conclusion made upon returning to the country of Algerian-born French director Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche, whose film, screened in Un Certain Regard, took...  

19/05/2006 | Cannes 2006/Un Certain Regard | France

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