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Cinedays 2003 / Netherlands

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6 articles available in total starting from 07/10/2003. Last article published on 23/10/2003.

Focus on Spain and Poland

As part of the special events put on for Cinedays 2003, the Arnhem Film Musuem has featured around 10 recent European productions. Following on from Dans, Grozny dans by Jos de Putter (Holland,...  

23/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Netherlands

Amsterdam Ateliers for youngsters

Every year the European Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam organises a workshop for youngsters with the aim of helping them make small minute long films in different countries in Europe and central...  

22/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Netherlands

Cinema and Belgium food

There’s a highly original programme at The Movies cinema in Amsterdam being held as part of Cinedays 2003. For the European cinema days the cinema is paying tribute to Belgium culture with 4 days...  

20/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Netherlands

Spotlight on European films

The Lux cinema, which opened three years ago in Nijmegen, will be taking an active part in Cinedays 2003. Its programme includes two films aimed at younger audiences, a tribute to a great Italian...  

14/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Netherlands

Targeting Youngsters

A programme packed with European films is being put on by the De Keizer cinema in Deventer for Cinedays 2003. The special events are targeted at young audiences, and especially the groups of young...  

10/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Netherlands

Amsterdam and the cinema

There will be more than 60 films shown as part of the Cinedays 2003 initiative undertaken by the Amsterdam Film Museum. There’s a trip to the world of French surrealism by the French director...  

07/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Netherlands

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