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18 articles available in total starting from 13/10/2003. Last article published on 03/09/2007.

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Quiet Storm readies for break out

In four days, Icelandics will be introduced to Gudny Halldorsdottir’s Quiet Storm (Veðramót), one of the filmmaker’s most personal films to be released by on September 7 with four prints. Gudny is...  

03/09/2007 | Release | Iceland

Zatorski: a new success?

Zatorski: a new success?

Will the new piece by Ryszard Zatorski, Tylko mnie kochaj ("But you must love me"), have the same commercial success as his last film? A natural question to pose on the day of its release, even...  

20/01/2006 | Release | Poland

Maria Bethânia heads the bill in Brazil and in Europe

Released this autumn in Roman Swiss and in Italian, Maria Bethânia, music and perfume (Idéale Audience) will be distributed in December in Alemanic Switzerland and in Brazil, and also soon in...  

30/11/2005 | Release | Switzerland

Go for Zucker!

Go for Zucker!

Dani Levy realized he had made a controversial film, but when the head of the German Jewish community, Paul Spiegel, saw Go For Zucker! (o.t. Alles auf Zucker!) then came back to see it two more...  

23/11/2005 | Release | Italy

Cinergie is online

The new issue of our Belgian colleagues' magazine,, is now online. Dedicated to the Belgian releases of this month, Cinergie focuses, along with Cineuropa, on French-Belgian...  

09/11/2005 | Release | Belgium

Grass, the 'good toad'

Wróżby kumka (The call of the toad), adapted by Robert Gliński from Günter Grass' novel, was released yesterday in Poland. This film was much awaited since it deals with the relations between...  

23/09/2005 | Release | Poland

Slama’s Happiness out to break records

Bohdan Sláma’s much anticipated film Something Like Happiness (“Stestí”) opens today in an unprecedented 21 theatres across the Czech Republic. It has been well promoted and it promises to make...  

15/09/2005 | Release | Czech Republic

Palme d’Or on the screens

Palme d’Or on the screens

Today the Palme d’Or winner for 2005, L’Enfant (see our Focus) by Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne, comes out in Belgian cinemas. With Jérémie Renier, whom they discovered in La Promesse and who...  

14/09/2005 | Release | Belgium

Josef Fares’ Zozo finally unveiled

After the successful comedies Jalla ! Jalla ! (2000) and Kopps (2003), the Lebanon-born director Josef Fares is finally going to unveil his new feature film Zozo today at the Malmö Film Days...  

23/08/2005 | Release | Sweden

Close to Heaven hopes to set trend

Dan Svatek’s newly released film Blizko nebe (”Close to heaven”) may have a classic boy-meets-girl storyline but its production is highlighted by a significant marketing difference: it is the...  

26/07/2005 | Release | Czech Republic

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