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Rome Film Festival / Extra

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10 articles available in total starting from 18/10/2009. Last article published on 04/11/2010.

Love and sex from “inside” in The Sentiment of the Flesh

Love and sex from “inside” in The Sentiment of the Flesh

After having worked with directors such as Marco Ferreri and Roman Polanski, assistant editor Roberto Garzelli makes his directorial debut with The Sentiment of the Flesh and immediately aims...  

04/11/2010 | Rome Film Festival | Extra/France

Celati show everyday Senegalese life in Diol Kadd

In the 1970s, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Alberto Moravia set down Africa in authentic and essential pages and photos. Today, another writer tries his hand at it, Gianni Celati. Through patience,...  

31/10/2010 | Rome Film Festival | Extra/Italy

Landis goes European for Burke and Hare

Landis goes European for Burke and Hare

The name John Landis brings to mind smiles and films like Animal House, Blues Brothers, Into the Night, An American Werewolf in London. All parts of our collective imagination, comedies that...  

29/10/2010 | Rome Film Festival | Extra/UK

Blood, intrigue and corruption in Red Riding Trilogy

One of the high points of the 4th Rome Film Festival, The Red Riding Trilogy was originally chose for the Extra sidebar but added to the Official Selection as a special event, at that it is....  

22/10/2009 | Rome Film Festival | Extra/Official Selectio

Coelho readers make collective Experimental Witch

If it’s true that when someone reads a book, they always create a film about it in their minds, why not do just that: create a film from the impressions of one’s own readers? This brilliant...  

22/10/2009 | Rome Film Festival | Extra

Life in One Day: Our Hell is time

Life in One Day: Our Hell is time

Benny and Gini are born, go to school and fall in love, in a few hours. Their world is just like ours, except that life lasts only one day, in the suitably entitled Life in One Day. The second...  

21/10/2009 | Rome Film Festival | Extra/Netherlands

My Flesh, My Blood: Love and desperation between retired boxer and Vietnamese immigrant

Flesh and blood. Followed by boxing, cocaine, strip joints and desperation, all of which have been Igor’s daily bread ever since he had to leave the ring – his only reason for living – as a result...  

20/10/2009 | Rome Film Festival | Extra/Pologne

Podalydès’ latest interweaves weaves whirlwind ensemble cast

An office, a public garden, a DIY mega-store: three microcosms populated by characters and stories that brush up against one another as in a whirlwind carillon. The film is Park Benches, the fifth...  

20/10/2009 | Rome Film Festival | Extra/France

Bunny & the Bull a visionary chamber road movie

Bunny & the Bull a visionary chamber road movie

Stephen, a sweet but pathologically timid boy, has not left his apartment for years. At home, he catalogues his existence in dozens of containers full of absurd objects: buttons, bus tickets,...  

20/10/2009 | Rome Film Festival | Extra/UK

Simon Konianski: Kvetching one’s life away

After setting his story of Cossack violence “somewhere to the East,” in his first feature Horse Thieves, Belgian filmmaker Micha Wald returns to the land of his ancestors, the Ukraine, once again...  

18/10/2009 | Rome Film Festival | Extra/Belgium

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