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Venice 2006 / Horizons

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11 articles available in total starting from 28/08/2006. Last article published on 09/09/2006.

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Akamas: Reconciliation and suppression

The Horizons sidebar of the Venice Film Festival reserved its last day for a Special Event screening of the Cypriot/Turkish/Hungarian co-production Akamas. The film by Panicos Chrysanthou tells a...  

09/09/2006 | Venice 2006 | Horizons

Vicari: Journey through Italy in Ivens’ footsteps

For his documentary Il mio paese (My Country), which screened as a special event of the Horizons section of Venice Film Festival, director Daniele Vicari travelled through an Italy of factories,...  

08/09/2006 | Venice 2006 | Horizons

Robbe-Grillet’s ghosts

Forty-five years after winning the Golden Lion for Last Year at Marienbad, which he wrote and Alain Resnais directed, writer-screenwriter-director Alain Robbe-Grillet is back at the Venice Film...  

08/09/2006 | Venice 2006 | Horizons

Syrian women in first person

Syrian-born directors Hala Alabdalla Yakoub and Ammar Al Beik are in attendance at the end of this year's Venice Film Festival to present I Am the One Who Brings Flowers to Her Own Grave in the...  

08/09/2006 | Venice 2006 | Horizons

Edgar Reitz goes to pieces

Edgar Reitz seems unable to separate himself from that which the German press joking calls the "Mammutwerk" when referring to the epic proportions of his work Heimat, on which he has been working...  

07/09/2006 | Venice 2006 | Horizons

The Good, The Bad and The Polish

The Good, The Bad and The Polish

The Horizons section at the Venice Film Festival is the place for eclectic discoveries, and the first Polish western is certainly an ambitious and eclectic project that is right at home on the...  

06/09/2006 | Venice 2006 | Horizons

Opera Jawa: Indonesian homage to Mozart

Opera Jawa, presented in the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival, is an Indonesian homage to Mozart through dance, music, choreography and installations. The ninth film by director Garin...  

05/09/2006 | Venice 2006 | Horizons

Fleeing Algiers to live

"You don’t know what you will find on the other side of the Mediterranean, but you do know who abandoned you and that’s what is most important". The destinies of two emigrants seeking a better...  

04/09/2006 | Venice 2006 | Horizons

Tavarelli’s small, everyday problems

Congested metros, crowded bus stops, overflowing sidewalks; looking at someone from a distance, without getting involved, brushing past someone for a second, sharing a moment, then going on your...  

04/09/2006 | Venice 2006 | Horizons

Gagliardo: The women of Islam are the new challenge

Thanks to RAI Cinema and Istituto Luce, the research that Giovanna Gagliardo began in 2004 – searching through the archives of Istituto Luce for visible traces of the revolution that led women to...  

03/09/2006 | Venice 2006 | Horizons

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