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Venice 2007

57 articles available in total starting from 04/04/2007. Last article published on 10/09/2007.

Kechiche, a disappointed winner

A winner of two awards on Saturday evening at the 64th Venice Film Festival with a Special Jury Prize for his The Secret of the Grain and the Marcello Mastroianni Prize for Best Newcomer (young...  

10/09/2007 | Venice 2007 | Awards

Critics' Prize goes to Kechiche

Critics' Prize goes to Kechiche

As everyone waits for the Golden Lion to be announced, the parallel prizes were handed out at the Lido Casino, beginning with the FIPRESCI International Critics Prize, which goes to French film La...  

08/09/2007 | Venice 2007 | Parallel awards

Ang Lee, Brian De Palma, Abdel Kechiche

Ang Lee, Brian De Palma, Abdel Kechiche

Two years after Brokeback Mountain, director Ang Lee – who returned to Taiwan after years of working in the US – has picked up his second Golden Lion. The heated melodrama Lust, Caution!,...  

08/09/2007 | Venice 2007 | Awards

Tonino de Bernardi’s tragic Huppert

Tonino de Bernardi is once again closing the Venice Film Festival Horizons section, this year with Médée Miracle. An underground filmmaker who works outside all market logic, marginal by choice,...  

08/09/2007 | Venice 2007 | Horizons (Closing film)

Õunpuu’s Estonian wasteland

After the selection of Magnus in Cannes and Klass in Karlovy Vary, a third Estonian film makes its debut at a prestigious festival this year with the Venice premiere of Autumn Ball, which was...  

08/09/2007 | Venice 2007 | Horizons

Portabella’s variations on Bach

Catalan filmmaker Pere Portabella presented his Die Stille vor Bach (li. "The Silence before Bach") in Venice in the Horizons section as the festival is drawing to a close. Unlike what the title...  

07/09/2007 | Venice 2007 | Horizons

Greenaway paints his Rembrandt

Greenaway paints his Rembrandt

Sixteen years after Prospero’s Books, Peter Greenaway returns to compete at the Lido. Judging by the enthusiasm with which the first screenings were greeted, his latest film seems likely to please...  

07/09/2007 | Venice 2007 | Competition

Jakimowski’s simple tricks for defying fate

Six year-old Stefek (Damian Ul) and his sister Elka (Ewelina Walendziak) try to bribe fate with small offerings and “tricks” in Tricks (Sztuczki) by Andrzej Jakimowski, who also wrote the film’s...  

06/09/2007 | Venice 2007 | Venice Days

De Oliveira unveils his enigma

De Oliveira unveils his enigma

An Out-of-Competition section dedicated to Masters would not be complete without Manoel de Oliveira: the most long-lived of the European directors (and the most prolific, with a very healthy...  

06/09/2007 | Venice 2007 | Out-of-competition Masters

Marra’s contemporary gold rush

Marra’s contemporary gold rush

The last Italian competition title to premiere at the Venice Film Festival is Vincenzo Marra’s L’ora di punta ("Rush Hour"), a corruption drama set in Rome. The film stars newcomers Michele...  

06/09/2007 | Venice 2007 | Competition

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