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Funding / Italy

110 articles available in total starting from 02/08/2002. Last article published on 26/06/2019.

Film Investment Piedmont kicks off with €12m budget

Created last September during the Venice Film Festival (see news), Film Investment Piedmont (FIP), the investment company founded by the Turin Piedmont Film Commission and US company Endgame...  

20/02/2009 | Funding | Italy/Ireland/International

Piedmont Region gives €25m for cinema

This September, the Piedmont Region will activate a €25m equity fund for film production through a new investment firm, the Piedmont Film Company, made up of the region and private investors...  

19/03/2007 | Funding | Italy

Minister Rutelli: New film law in 2007

"2007 will be the year in which Parliament will begin and, I trust, conclude the process of approval of a new film law; a law this art form, which is also a cultural industry, needs,” assured...  

05/12/2006 | Funding | Italy

€8.5m more for cinema

After the heavy state budget cuts of the past several years, cinema can breathe a sigh of relief. The Committee for cinema problems of the Ministry of Culture has approved dividing an additional...  

19/07/2006 | Funding | Italy

Rutelli: €50m more for the Visual Arts Fund from government

The FUS (Visual Arts Fund) will have €50m more for each of the following three years (2006, 2007, 2008). This measure, which reintegrates the entertainment industry funds cut by the previous...  

03/07/2006 | Funding | Italy

Lucisano: "The BNL strangles cinema"

"I thank the Undersecretary but, unfortunately, the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro does not carry out its duties as the bank of Italian film, and actually hinders us. The money never arrives when it...  

23/02/2006 | Funding | Italy

Blandini: "69m only certainty for 2006"

"For 2006, the only certainty for the cinema is the availability of 69.3m euro, i.e., 18 percent of the 385m that comprise the FUS (Visual Arts Fund). As for the rest, we know nothing." This was...  

28/11/2005 | Funding | Italy

Festivals examine funds

Film festivals, which represent a fundamental event for the promotion and diffusion of cinematic and audiovisual culture, traditionally draw on a complex financing system that includes, along with...  

18/11/2005 | Funding | Italy

Finance, Visual Arts Fund cuts reduced

The cuts to the Visual Arts Fund (FUS) will be reduced in the 2006 Finance Law. A Senate amendment has recovered 85m euro of the over 160m of the anticipated cuts, to be added to the...  

14/11/2005 | Funding | Italy

CineFund I at the Starting Line

An Italian private equity fund that invests entirely in the cinema has arrived. It is called CineFund I and has just recently received regulation approval from the Banca d'Italia. Cinefund I will...  

03/10/2005 | Funding | Italy

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