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Funding / Germany

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144 articles available in total starting from 21/10/2002. Last article published on 23/01/2019.

The Kuratorium is safe

At the end of last week, the government decided not to cut state aid to the Kuratorium of new German films, a decision welcomed with great relief by the directors' association, BVR (Bundesverband...  

24/10/2005 | Funding | Germany

€1.5 for the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Berlin has just allocated an extra €1.5M to the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. While other regional funds are currently threatened by cutbacks, the Medienboard is reasonably healthy, with 17.9M...  

17/10/2005 | Funding | Germany

Pocket money for the theatres

The management board of the FFA has unanimously decided to grant 7 million euros to exhibitors, a structural aid intended to compensate for the worrying results registered lately in terms of...  

06/10/2005 | Funding | Germany

A plea to the government

BVR (Bundesverband Regie – the German directors' association) is protesting against the suppression of all financial support to the young German Film centre (Kuratorium junger deutscher Film)...  

04/10/2005 | Funding | Germany

An incentive for foreign distributors

In application of the new scheme launched last May by German Films (following last year's increase in budget and extended size and duties) to encourage foreign distributors from all over the world...  

23/09/2005 | Funding | Germany

'Exchange' programme

Two of the five features the French and German film fund selected last Monday, granting a total of €1.1M are majority German productions. Indeed, this selective aid (which comes from a treaty...  

14/07/2005 | Funding | Germany

A frail shelter

Negotiations between the German goverment and the opposition regarding thereform of the Income Tax Code as envisaged by the former, have failed, to the relief of film and TV professionals, since...  

07/07/2005 | Funding | Germany

The Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg supports production

At its recent meeting, the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg allocated €2.8M to 40 projects, 16 of which received important sums, up to a limit of €1.9M. Amongst the happy few, Schröders wunderbare...  

10/06/2005 | Funding | Germany

It's P.R.I.M.E time

A new Film Development Fund, presented in Cannes by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandebourg, the Austrian Film Institute, and their Swiss partner Focal, will become operational early in 2006....  

31/05/2005 | Funding | Germany

Grant for Margarethe von Trotta

At a meeting held on December 3, FFF Bayern has agreed funding worth €3 million to give to 17 new projects, with a total of €1,750,000 for investment in cinematographic production and...  

09/12/2003 | Funding | Germany

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