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1300 articles available in total starting from 06/06/2002. Last article published on 01/08/2022.

Dogma brothers to join forces

Dogma brothers to join forces

Two of Denmark's most famous directors are to work together again on Dear Wendy, written by Lars von Trier and directed by Thomas Vinterberg in 2003, with an international cast  

30/08/2002 | Denmark

Opposition nixes Mikkelsen's maths

The Danish opposition tells the Culture Minister that the film industry needs more money if it is to develop  

29/08/2002 | Funding | Denmark

5-minute friendship

Danish film producer, Peter Norgaard and Denmark’s Teachers Association have come together to produce fifteen five-minute short films by filmmakers who also happen to be children. The children...  

21/08/2002 | Youth | Denmark

A boost for cinema

Minister promises a three-year multi-million cash injection for Danish film production and nurturing new talent  

20/08/2002 | Funding | Denmark

Lars, Lord of the Ring

Lars, Lord of the Ring

The Danish film director, Lars von Trier, tries his hand at directing opera: his version of Wagner's Ring Cycle will be at the Bayreuth festival for 2006  

22/07/2002 | Denmark

La bande d´Olsen fait bis

60.000 people went to see Lasse Spang Olsen´s Gamle maend i nye bile (Old Men and new Cars) the first day of its release and came out of it greatly satisfied. This film had been awaited with much...  

18/07/2002 | Box Office | Denmark

Italian, big hit in US

Great American success for the Danish Italian for beginners which has already taken 4.5 millions €  

17/07/2002 | Box Office | Denmark

Vinterberg and French Noir

Vinterberg and French Noir

The director of Festen has been captured by the dark atmosphere created by the French novelists, Boileau and Narcejac and is bringing one of their novels to the cinema  

17/07/2002 | Films | Denmark

Looking for «party people»

Looking for «party people»

Lars Von Trier is scheduled to make a docu-feature, co-produced by Channel 4, about the endless party known as Ibiza  

02/07/2002 | Films | Denmark

Denmark is to move

Danish Film Institute backs two co-productions with German Zentropa and supports new local films  

06/06/2002 | Production | Denmark

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