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Funding / Germany

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144 articles available in total starting from 21/10/2002. Last article published on 23/01/2019.

FFA Projects

During its last session of 2003, the FFA (Filmförderungsanstalt) has decided to appropriate a total of 2.970.000 Euros to finance cinematographic projects, including: Von Suchen und Finder der...  

03/12/2003 | Funding | Germany

Support for 23 projects

The regional fund for film production, the Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen (FNW), has announced it will be supporting 23 new projects, in addition to the new film by Wim Wenders. It will be...  

23/09/2003 | Funding | Germany

FFA support for six

The FFA - Filmförderunganstalt earmarked a total of €3.2m for six new feature film projects. Sergeant Pepper written and directed by Sandra Nettelbeck (Mostly Martha) and produced by Medien &...  

21/07/2003 | Funding | Germany

Support for 10 co-productions

At the latest meeting of the European film co-production fund, Eurimages, which took place in Riga, Latvia on 30 June, it was decided that a total of Euros3.78 would be put aside for...  

08/07/2003 | Funding | Germany

Cash for distribution

Christina Weiss, the federal minister for culture of Germany announced she was earmarking Euros68,000 for six film projects. The entity of each grant was decided by the distribution commission as...  

23/06/2003 | Germany | Funding

From ersatz Kubrick to Süpersex

From ersatz Kubrick to Süpersex

Hamburg funds Teutonic projects: Clark's Kubrick-for-a-day to Nettelbeck's surreal Sergeant Pepper & Regel's tale of Germany's 1st Turkish erotic hotline  

19/06/2003 | Funding | Germany

Money for 5 screenplays

Following its last meeting on 12 June, the screenplay commission of the della FFA (Filmförderunganstalt), headed by Gunther Witte, decided to assign funds to five screenplays and one story...  

18/06/2003 | Funding | Germany

Euros7.8m from Bavaria

At its 30 April meeting the Bavaria Film & TV Fund agreed to distribute a total of Euro7.88m amongst 20 film projects this year. The titles include the latest by Oliver Hirschbiegel ( The...  

06/05/2003 | Funding | Germany

FFA rewards industry

FFA gives top producers and distributors of German films Euros22.6m, one-third of which to Constantin  

02/04/2003 | Funding | Germany

Digital Content Fund launched

The MFG agency puts heavy money behind young & technologically innovative filmmakers willing to experiment  

27/03/2003 | Funding | Germany

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