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Festivals / Poland

Krauzes win top honours

Krauzes win top honours

The 31st Gdynia Polish Film Festival awards ceremony brought no surprises. As critics predicted, the Golden Lion went to Joanna Kos-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze, directors of Saviour’s Square....  

18/09/2006 | Festivals | Poland

Krauze and Guziński make truthful film

One of the indisputable contenders for the Golden Lion at the 31st Gdynia Polish Film Festival is Saviour Square by Krzysztof Krauze and Joanna Kos-Krauze. Following the international success of...  

14/09/2006 | Festivals | Poland

New directors showcased

New directors showcased

“One of the main ideas of the festival organisers is to rejuvenate the festival. A wave of new directors has recently emerged in Polish cinema and we think that they should be allowed to present...  

13/09/2006 | Festivals | Poland

Masters and beginners in Gdynia

Masters and beginners in Gdynia

Kto nigdy nie żył... (lit. "Who Has Never Lived..."), the debut feature by Polish actor Andrzej Seweryn (from the Comédie Française), today opens the competition of the 31st Polish Film Festival...  

11/09/2006 | Festivals | Poland

Era New Horizons in Wrocław

Era New Horizons in Wrocław

The programme of the 6th Era News Horizons International Film Festival includes 522 films. The event, moved this year from Cieszyn (on the Polish/Czech border) to one of Poland’s most open and...  

20/07/2006 | Festivals | Poland

Travelling European Cinema

Travelling European Cinema

To promote European cinema, especially films that have difficulty finding audiences in Poland: this is the main objective of the organisers of the 11th European Cinema Festival, which begins today...  

09/05/2006 | Festivals | Poland

Chief Operators’ Feast

Tonino Delli Colli, the famous director of photography for Pasolini, Fellini, Sergio Leone, Roman Polański, will receive, posthumously, an award for his life works completeness. It will be given...  

25/11/2005 | Festivals | Poland

Poland at the Prix Europa

TVP, Poland’s public television, is the first television in Central and Eastern Europe to be invited to the Prix Europa alliance. On this occasion, a special day was organized by Poland. TVP , who...  

25/10/2005 | Festivals | Poland

Mediaschool, the students’festival

For the 12th time, cinema students and their teachers will have the opportunity to meet in Łódź at the Mediaschool for the International Cinema and Televsion Schools Festival. The festival will...  

18/10/2005 | Festivals | Poland

Prizes to the Satirical and the Absurd

The Croatian director Ognjen Svilicic left the Polish capital with the Nescafé Grand Prize in the “New films, new directors” section of Warsaw International Film Festival 's 21st edition. Headed...  

17/10/2005 | Festivals | Poland