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Black Nights 2019 / Baltic Film Competition

18 articles available in total starting from 22/03/2019. Last article published on 20/12/2019.

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Review: Nova Lituania

Review: Nova Lituania

The debut feature by Lithuanian director Karolis Kaupinis examines the personal and the political with a restrained and careful eye  

02/07/2019 | Karlovy Vary 2019 | East of the West

Review: Scandinavian Silence

Review: Scandinavian Silence

Estonian filmmaker Martti Helde creates a brooding and multi-layered examination of a sibling relationship and the human desire to keep things suppressed  

01/07/2019 | Karlovy Vary 2019 | East of the West

Review: Away

Review: Away

The production history of this feature by Latvian animator Gints Zilbalodis is fascinating, but it’s what finally made it to the big screen that truly impresses  

17/06/2019 | Annecy 2019

Gints Zilbalodis  • Director of Away

Interview: Gints Zilbalodis • Director of Away

“I was working on it alone for a long time, and I really didn’t know if people would like it or not”

We caught up with Latvian director Gints Zilbalodis to chat about his fairy tale-like animated adventure Away, which is screening at the Annecy Film Festival  

11/06/2019 | Annecy 2019

Juris Kursietis • Director of Oleg

Interview: Juris Kursietis • Director of Oleg

"There has to be a proper reason to make a film"

CANNES 2019: Latvian director Juris Kursietis is presenting his second film, Oleg, in the Directors' Fortnight, and he talked to us about it  

20/05/2019 | Cannes 2019 | Directors’ Fortnight

Review: Oleg

Review: Oleg

CANNES 2019: Latvia's Juris Kursietis delivers a gritty and ultra-realist film on a form of modern slavery taking place behind the scenes between Eastern European posted workers  

17/05/2019 | Cannes 2019 | Directors’ Fortnight

Aistė Žegulytė  • Director of Animus Animalis

Interview: Aistė Žegulytė • Director of Animus Animalis

“We all have this desire to look the beast right in the eye”

Cineuropa talked to Lithuanian director Aistė Žegulytė about her debut feature-length documentary, Animus Animalis, winner of the Cineuropa Prize at the Vilnius Film Festival  

08/04/2019 | Vilnius 2019

Review: Animus Animalis

Review: Animus Animalis

In her animal-centred first feature-length documentary, Aistė Žegulytė goes from life to death, and back to life again  

22/03/2019 | Vilnius 2019

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