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Box office / Poland

25 articles available in total starting from 30/03/2005. Last article published on 08/02/2019.

Polish films dominate the annual Top 10

Polish films dominate the annual Top 10

Launched theatrically on November 10 by ITI Cinema on a 129-print run, Slovenian director Mitja Okorn’s Polish production Letters to St. Nicholas (Listy do M. - pictured) has just reached number...  

15/12/2011 | Box Office | Poland

Koterski’s Broads Are Somehow Different is a smash hit success

Koterski’s Broads Are Somehow Different is a smash hit success

The best box-office start in the history of distributor Kino Świat and already the best score in director Marek Koterski’s career, Broads Are Somehow Different (Baby Sa Jakies Inne) has been...  

26/10/2011 | Box Office | Poland

Battle of Warsaw 1920 falls short of box-office record

Battle of Warsaw 1920 falls short of box-office record

Launched in theatres on September 30 on a record 300 print-run and bolstered by a spectacular promotional campaign, the first Polish film in 3D, Jerzy Hoffman’s mega-production Battle of Warsaw...  

12/10/2011 | Box Office | Poland

Theatres post positive results for 2010

Audience figures in Polish theatres closed 2010 with 37.5m admissions and the second best total of the last 20 years, narrowly missing the 2009 record (39.1m viewers). The gulf of almost 14m...  

21/02/2011 | Box Office | Poland

Record year with good results for domestic film

Over 38m admissions were garnered in Polish theatres in 2009, which marks a new record and an impressive increase compared to the previous year’s 34m viewers. It is also a symbolic result,...  

11/01/2010 | Box Office | Poland

Rise in admissions and takings in first semester

Polish theatres have achieved record results, attracting 19.8m viewers during the first six months of 2009, according to figures published by the website The numbers show that...  

23/07/2009 | Box Office | Poland

Audience figures defy recession

Audience figures defy recession

Despite the global economic crisis, Polish theatres have nothing to complain about. The first quarter of 2009 closed with a highly encouraging 12m admissions, representing a 12% increase compared...  

21/04/2009 | Box Office | Poland

Romantic comedies reign supreme

The month of November may seem one of the most promising periods for Polish productions in terms of the number of domestic films hitting screens. However, their box office results, particularly...  

21/11/2008 | Box Office | Poland

2007 sees increased admissions and success for local films

Polish theatres have recorded excellent audience figures for 2007 with 32.6m admissions, representing a slight increase on last year’s 32m and only inches away from the best results of the past 20...  

28/01/2008 | Box Office | Poland

Polish films ride high

Domestic titles have been hogging the top spots at the Polish box office for the past six weeks, even outdoing US blockbusters such as Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto (dist. Monolith, 118 copies) and...  

05/03/2007 | Box Office | Poland

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