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382 articles available in total starting from 04/10/2002. Last article published on 13/07/2022.

Irina Palm

Irina Palm

Maggie no longer has anything very important left to live for, apart from one objective: to find money very quickly to help her ill grandson. And she succeeds, albeit in an altogether unexpected way  

18/04/2007 | Films | Reviews

Sam Garbarski • Director

Interview: Sam Garbarski • Director

"A politically incorrect romantic tragicomedy"

After a directing career primarily in commercials, Sam Garbarski has made his second feature for the big screen – a film rich in improbable mixtures and bitter-sweet stories  


Brückner and Werner going to Berlin

The first two names of the 2007 vintage of Shooting Stars have been announced: Jules Werner will represent Luxembourg, and Maximilian Brückner will represent Germany. The two young thespians will...  

07/12/2006 | Shooting Stars | Luxembourg/Germany

Luxembourg wiped off the European festival map

After a very successful 10th edition that ended on October 28, the Cinénygma Luxembourg International Film Festival has announced that it will no longer organise festivals “under its current...  

23/11/2006 | Festivals | Luxembourg

Rothenburg gets some Grimm Love in Luxembourg

The tenth edition of the Cinénygma International Film Festival Luxembourg ended this weekend in a victory for the German cannibal drama Rohtenburg ( Grimm Love ) by Martin Weisz. The film,...  

31/10/2006 | Festivals | Luxembourg

10th edition of Cinénygma opens with Daoust’s The Room

The Belgian fantastical thriller The Room, by director Gilles Daoust, opened the 10th edition of the Cinénygma Luxembourg International Film Festival on October 22. Starring Pascal Duquenne,...  

25/10/2006 | Festivals | Luxembourg

Perl oder Pica: P is for perfect family entertainment

Perl oder Pica: P is for perfect family entertainment

On the heels of local autumn releases Deepfrozen and Your Name Is Justine (Luxembourg’s Foreign Language Oscar submission), perfect family confection Perl oder Pica from director Pol Cruchten will...  

12/10/2006 | Releases | Luxembourg

Part of cinema history revealed in new book

Luxemburgish film and history teacher Paul Lesch has published his new book "In the name of public order and morality: Cinema control and film censorship in Luxembourg 1895-2005", a first step in...  

07/12/2005 | Publications | Luxembourg

2nd Luxemburgish Film Week kicks off

Friday night in Luxembourg-city will be the opening night of the second Lëtzebuerger Filmwoch or Luxemburgish Film Week, an initiative that highlights local (co-)productions by re-proposing them...  

07/10/2005 | Events | Luxembourg

A Renart animated with colour and ambition

They don’t know them across the pond, Renart, the Goupil and Ysengrin the wolf, and their numerous rooster friends, and donkey and badger... But they might soon since the national selection...  

06/10/2005 | Oscars 2006 | Luxembourg

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