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Exhibitors / France

42 articles available in total starting from 17/09/2002. Last article published on 11/07/2017.

The Senate helps cinemas

12 proposals to strengthen the cinema operators’ sector. A report into the activities and future prospects for French cinemas, undertaken by the Cultural Commission of the French Sénat, was...  

12/06/2003 | Exhibitors | France

New rules for multiplexes

The French parliament gave the go-ahead to limit capacity in multiplex theatres to a maximum of 300 seats, this modifies the Law that was voted in on 3 April, and got the blessing of the culture...  

11/04/2003 | Exhibitors | France

Unlimited cinema for all

Last 18 March, France’s National Film Centre (CNC) presented a draft agreement about the “unlimited access cinema card” created by UGC and the cinema circuit that comes under the EuroPalaces...  

21/03/2003 | Exhibitors | France

Early screenings in New York

From 7 – 16 March, an exhibition of 14 French films, as yet unreleased in the US, in the presence of the directors  

07/03/2003 | Exhibitors | France

Exhibitors: "optimism, regardless"

Despite a disappointing 2002 and a 13 per cent drop in attendance so far in 2003, French theatrical exhibitors are resolute that better times will come for the 5,300 cinemas they own and/or run....  

04/03/2003 | Exhibitors | France

MK2 open new multiscreen

MK2 Group's 10th Parisian complex has 14 screens, four restaurants, two shops and exhibition space for quality cinema  

18/02/2003 | Exhibitors | France

EuroPalaces is market leader

EuroPalacesis France’s leading theatrical exhibition circuit. It includes the Pathé and theGaumont groups. In 2002, 40.6million French filmgoers saw a film in a EuroPalaces cinema. In its...  

20/01/2003 | Exhibitors | France

FNCF versus ARP

The French Federation of Cinemas (FNCF) was quick to react to the proposals about film production financing made by the Association of French Writers-Directors-Producers (ARP ) on 12 December...  

14/01/2003 | Exhibitors | France

The Webcinédi Revolution

Set up by France’s National Film Centre, Webcinédi, an online cinema attendance monitoring system, has got off to an excellent start. Around one third of all French cinemas and almost all the...  

09/01/2003 | Exhibitors | France

EuroPalaces sets sights on Europe

Born of Gaumont & Pathé, EuroPalaces begins consolidating its presence in new European territories in Florence and Rotterdam  

14/10/2002 | Exhibitors | France

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