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Funding / Italy

110 articles available in total starting from 02/08/2002. Last article published on 26/06/2019.

FUS reinstated, ticket hike blocked

On March 23, as Sandro Bondi was readying to step down as Minister of Culture and his successor Giancarlo Galan to take over, the Italian entertainment industry celebrated an important victory....  

24/03/2011 | Funding | Italy

Three days of mobilization against culture cuts

This weekend will see a national mobilization against the cuts to culture and entertainment, with events held in movie theatres, theatres and all art centers in Italy. Promoted by AGIA, ANCI, UPI,...  

23/03/2011 | Funding | Italy

Film industry rallies behind Cinecittà Luce

Film industry rallies behind Cinecittà Luce

"Cinecittà’s studios will not close". The news, which comes from Cinecittà Studios, only partially placates the unrest set off among film industry professionals after last week’s announcement of...  

14/03/2011 | Funding | Italy

Alto Adige Film Commission launches audiovisual fund

From today, March 3, through March 18 it will be possible to apply for financing from the new audiovisual fund with which the newly founded BLS Südtirol Alto Adige Film Commission will support...  

03/03/2011 | Funding | Italy

Approved law hikes ticket prices, could give cinema €48m of state funds

The approval of the decree law of December 29, 2010 confirms a film tax stipulating that as of July 1 cinema admission prices will increase by €1 to finance tax breaks for producers, which are...  

28/02/2011 | Funding | Italy

Ministries of Youth and Culture announce new award and support measures

In keeping with the work of recent months by Minister of Culture Sandro Bondi, who wants to pass legislation aimed at direct state support of only first and second films, shorts and documentaries,...  

19/10/2010 | Funding | Italy

Fondazione Rossellini opens Cinema Desk

While the Government has yet to confirm refinancing, for 2011, of the tax credit and tax shelter law, the Italian “film system” is proceeding, taking these two new conquests as definitive. “Today,...  

15/07/2010 | Funding | Italy

Cinema allocated €75m in 2010 FUS

The law on the distribution of the National Arts Fund (FUS), signed March 4 by Minister of Culture Sandro Bondi, is currently awaiting a green light from the Italian Court of Accounts. The...  

25/03/2010 | Funding | Italy

Minister Bondi demands greater transparency, money only to debut films

Speaking last Saturday in Venice on public financing mechanisms for film production, Minister of Culture Sandro Bondi said: "I will re-evaluate the criteria for film financing, because thus far...  

15/03/2010 | Funding | Italy

New fund for project development in Lazio

At a recent conference on regional film and audiovisual policy, Lazio Region Councillor for Culture Giulia Rodano announced the institution of a new fund managed by the Roma & Lazio Film...  

22/01/2010 | Funding | Italy

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