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914 articles available in total starting from 18/07/2002. Last article published on 24/02/2021.

Marius Holst goes to Kosovo

Milo is the third feature film to be directed by Marius Holst after his 1994 hit Cross My Heart and Hope To Die and Dragonflies (2001). Based on a script by Harald Rosenløw and Lars Gudmestad, the...  

04/11/2005 | Production | Norway

New Film consultants at the NFF

Ivar Køhn has just been appointed as the new feature Film and TV Drama consultant at the Norwegian Film Fund (NFF) in replacement of Erlend Loe who left last July. Køhn will take his new position...  

31/10/2005 | Nomination | Norway

Kristoffer Joner most popular actor

33-year old actor Kristoffer Joner who stars in Sara Johnsen’s Vinterkyss (Kissed By Winter), was voted Best actor in the 100 years of Norwegian filmmaking at the Bergen International Film...  

25/10/2005 | Festivals | Norway

Italian film gets NFF support

Altrove (Elsewhere), the feature film debut of established Italian documentary filmmaker Guido Fiandra, has just received NOK 1.2m (€ 150,000) support from the Norwegian Film Fund (NFF) towards...  

18/10/2005 | Production | Norway

Elling’s successful comeback

Elling’s successful comeback

Love Me Tomorrow (Elsk meg i morgen), the reunion of filmmaker Peter Næss with the touching character of Elling, has again conquered the hearts of Norwegian audiences with 200,000 admissions after...  

12/10/2005 | Production | Norway

Fjords in Paris

As part of the celebration of Norway’s 100 years as an independent nation, the Norwegian Embassy in Paris and the Norwegian Film Institute have organised with Parisian cinema l’Espace St Michel a...  

10/10/2005 | Festivals | Norway

High hopes for Kissed By Winter

High hopes for Kissed By Winter

The praised directorial debut of Sara Johnsen, Kissed By Winter (Vinterkyss) is the Norwegian candidate for this year’s Oscars nominations in the Best foreign language category. According to the...  

30/09/2005 | Oscar 2006 | Norway

Nordic Panorama in Bergen

The largest annual short and documentary film festival in the Nordic Countries, Nordic Panorama (23-28 September) rotating between five Nordic cities will take place this year in Bergen, Norway,...  

19/09/2005 | Festivals | Norway

Nils Gaup makes a come-back

The Norwegian director of Sami origin who made the 1987 Oscar nominated film The Pathfinders, the first Sami-language feature film and –arguably- Norwegian cinema’s greatest breakthrough, is back...  

06/09/2005 | Production | Norway

Quality control in film

The Norwegian Film House in Oslo is hosting today and tomorrow a seminar organised by the Norwegian Film Fund (NFF) focusing on ‘Quality in feature films’. Top local producers such as Synnøve...  

31/08/2005 | Industry | Norway

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