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Funding / Italy

110 articles available in total starting from 02/08/2002. Last article published on 26/06/2019.

Apulia Fund more than doubles 2010 budget to €1.6m

The Film Fund of the Apulia Film Commission Foundation is increasing from €700,000 in 2009 to €1.6m for 2010. The fund for supporting domestic and foreign films made in Apulia is divided into €1m...  

08/01/2010 | Funding | Italy

Film subsidies for Garrel, Monteleone, Patierno, Piva, Radford

The Italian Film Board ’s funding commission has deemed 17 features and 9 short films to be of cultural interest and awarded them relative financial contributions. 9 more films applied for and...  

11/12/2009 | Funding | Italy

Eurimages fund inserted into reference system

To incentivise Italians towards European co-productions, as of 2010 Eurimages funds will be one of the criteria applied to the points given as part of the reference system the Italian Ministry of...  

23/11/2009 | Funding | Italy

€24m reinstated for cinema of Entertainment Industry Fund

Film will get €24m of the €60m allocated this summer by the government, for the reinstatement of the Entertainment Industry Fund: €18m to production and €6m to exhibition. This is the first sure...  

18/09/2009 | Funding | Italy

EC approves €82m in tax incentives for cultural films

The European Commission (EC) has approved a second package, worth €82m, of film tax incentives proposed by the Italian government. The incentives in question, a tax credit and tax shelter, are...  

24/07/2009 | Funding | Italy

FERA attacks italian culture cuts

"The European Federation of Film Directors wishes to make clear its extreme concern at the massive 25% plus cuts proposed by Prime Minister Berlusconi for the Italian F.U.S. Cultural Funds. In...  

22/07/2009 | Funding | Italy

Minister Bondi fights to save cinema funds

In a letter in this morning’s daily paper Corriere della Sera, Minister of Culture Sandro Bondi says he will fight to decrease the cuts to the FUS Culture Fund (see news). "I am certain that my...  

22/07/2009 | Funding | Italy

Culture industry at risk, artists protest state budget cuts

Culture industry at risk, artists protest state budget cuts

The films produced next year with a contribution of public monies could be less than 15 as a result of the cuts to the Fondo Unico per lo Spettacolo (Entertainment Industry Fund) enacted by the...  

21/07/2009 | Funding | Italy

Cinema vs. government for entertainment industry cuts

The entertainment industry is up in arms against the government for the fact that it will not recover FUS (Entertainment Fund) monies. Filmmakers associations AGIS, ANICA, ANAC and Centoautori...  

03/07/2009 | Funding | Italy

Lazio region to upgrade theatres to digital and 3D

Part of the €18m set aside for technological innovation will also go to film exhibitors to equip their theatres with digital and 3D, announced president of the Lazio Region Piero Marrazzo. "Our...  

02/04/2009 | Funding | Italy

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