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922 articles available in total starting from 18/07/2002. Last article published on 08/04/2021.

The Trade Unions’ protest

The Norwegian cinematographic world has issued its first response to the announcement of a reduction in funding for production support, a decision that was made last week by Stein Slyngstad, the...  

09/06/2003 | Funding | Norway

From Wolves to Tigers

From Wolves to Tigers

Hot on the heels of his box office hit, Ulvesommer Peder Norlund’s next project is the Euros5m Tiger, on location in Kazakhstan and the Russian Steppes  

04/06/2003 | Films | Norway

Norsk Film cuts production

Stein Slyngstad, head of the Norwegian Film Fund declared a state of emergency that necessitates a NKR20m-plus (Euros2.538m) cut in feature film production and reducing the number of films...  

30/05/2003 | Funding | Norway

Strong Market performance

Strong Market performance

All-round success for Norwegian cinema, from domestic box office to foreign sales. Clients queue for Kitchen Stories and Villmark  

28/05/2003 | Cannes 2003 | Norway

A record season

A record season

Thanks to the 22 new Norwegian films made in 2002. Children's films achieved the greatest success, while Pål Øie's thriller Villmark has been a hit at the box office for more than 10 weeks  

09/05/2003 | Box Office | Norway

Europe leads the field

For the last nine weeks, European, and especially domestic productions, have been enjoying exceptional success at the Norwegian box office. The current top ten includes two of this year’s...  

05/05/2003 | Box office | Norway

Local films fly high

Local films take a 20.5 per cent share of the domestic market thanks to two children's films and one thriller  

03/04/2003 | Box Office | Norway

Red carpet for I Am Dina in Paris

The French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin will attend the charity gala premiere of Ole Bornedal’s I Am Dina on 31 March at the new MK2 Bibliotheque cinema situated in the prestigious...  

21/03/2003 | Films | Norway

NFF supports Olsen Gang film

The Olsen Gang In the Air, is among five feature films part of the Norwegian Film Fund’s last round of support  

17/03/2003 | Fundings | Norway

New Head of Film at Nordisk Film Norway

The Norwegian branch of Nordic major Nordisk Film & TV has appointed Aage Aaberge as their new Head of Film. Aaberge, who just took up his new position on 3 March, is a former managing director of...  

11/03/2003 | Appointments | Norway

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