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Good UK start for two Cannes winners

Roman Polanski’s 2002 Palme d’Or winner The Pianist and Aki Kaurismäki’s Grand Jury Prize The Man Without a Face at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival both opened last weekend in the UK (24 January)...  

29/01/2003 | Box Office | UK

Made in Italy triumphs at Xmas

Italian films won this year’s Christmas attendance battle. Best performer both for the holidays and indeed the whole of 2002 was Neri Parenti’s Natale sul Nilo (Christmas on the Nile), with a box...  

09/01/2003 | Box Office | Italy

Independence day

Independence day

Elmo Nüganen's excellent portrayal of Estonia's War of Liberation against the Soviet Union is a huge box office hit, beating stiff competition from past and present US blockbusters  

18/12/2002 | Box Office | Estonia

The Magdalene Sisters conquer Ireland

Peter Mullan’s powerful and emotional film The Magdalene Sisters has broken the Euros1m barrier at the Irish box office and is now the biggest domestic production since Alan Parker’s Angela’s...  

03/12/2002 | Box office | Ireland

Michael Moore, bowling for success

In London to promote his documentary film, Bowling for Columbine, selected for the London Film Festival, and now on general release, his new book ‘Stupid White Men’, and his one-man show at the...  

20/11/2002 | Box Office | UK

Domestic titles shine at UK box office

Domestic titles shine at UK box office

Just days after Alan Parker's speech to enliven Brit film, five titles: Sweet 16, 28 Days Later, My Little Eye and All or Nothing, are out and doing very well, thank you  

11/11/2002 | Box Office | UK

Boyle shakes up UK B.O.

Boyle shakes up UK B.O.

28 Days Later, a DV medium-budget horror film by the director of Trainspotting climbs to the top of the British box office despite fierce US competition  

06/11/2002 | Box Office | UK

Nijenhuis in orbit

Nijenhuis in orbit

During its second weekend on general release, Volle Maan by Johan Nijenhuis was seen by over 220,000 filmgoers and went “Platinum”  

22/10/2002 | Box Office | The Netherlands

The record of Darkness

The record of Darkness

A box office take of over Euros One Million in its first weekend on general release for Jaume Balaguerò's new film about the terrifying adventures of a little girl in a haunted house  

15/10/2002 | Box Office | Spain

Hugh Grant thrills Germans

About a Boy, shot to the top of the German box office during its first weekend on general release, and knocked Stuart Little 2 back into third place. Directed by Chris and Paul Weitz and based on...  

16/09/2002 | Box Office | Germany

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