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932 articles available in total starting from 18/07/2002. Last article published on 06/05/2021.

Elling got his mother

At last Elling’s mother has got a name. Up till now there has been much expectancy about who will be playing the mother of the peculiar Elling in the second feature film this time called Ellings...  

13/12/2002 | Films | Norway

French money for a debut

Luc Besson gives Euros5.5millions to The Lake, written by two young Norwegian film directors and based on a true story  

11/12/2002 | Films | Norway

Film Fund opens coffers

Film Fund opens coffers

Grants for two features and one short from Norwegian Film Fund’s 2002 resources of almost NKR5.4 million  

04/12/2002 | Funding | Norway

The NFI cries ‘thief, thief’

The Norwegian Film Institute has chosen Tyven, tyven (Thief, Thief) by Tygve Allister Diesen as the official candidate for the best foreign language film at the 2003 Oscars. Set in a context of...  

04/11/2002 | Oscar 2003 | Norway

MOMA Tribute to Skouen

After showcasing in London and Cuba, New York's Museum of Modern Art precedes Paris in screening the work of this indomitable 89-year-old Norwegian filmmaker  

28/10/2002 | Norway

Norwegian cinema gets "animated"

The Norwegian animation film industry is expanding with three features currently either on release, in production or post-production. The total cost of the three features was Nkr 130 million...  

02/10/2002 | Production | Norway

Mario Monti puts hold on

Monti insists on "50:50" funding  

26/09/2002 | Funding | Norway

Ready for Elling's Mother?

2001 Oscar-nominated Elling to get a prequel also starring Per Christian Ellefsen but directed by Eva Isaksen  

26/09/2002 | Films | Norway

Norwegian cinemas finally private

Norway is finally in the process of privatising its cinemas, putting on sale Euros27 millions worth Oslo Cinemas, breaking an almost century long tradition for state run and regulated cinemas. Now...  

19/09/2002 | Exhibitors | Norway

Kon Tiki on the big screen

Phillip Noyce will direct a British production about Heyerdahl's historic crossing of the Atlantic in a kayak  

23/08/2002 | Films | Norway

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