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Piergiorgio Gay - director of the film La Forza del Passato


Italian director Piergiorgio Gay is at the 59th Venice Film Festival to present his film La Forza del Passato

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by Federico Greco

Piergiorgio Gay, the Italian director of La Forza del Passato [+see also:
interview: Piergiorgio Gay
film profile
(Truth and Lies) is interviewed during the 59th Venice Film Festival where he presented his film.
La Forza del Passato is based on a novel by Sandro Veronesi and tells the story of a 40-year old man whose certainties are suddenly crushed when he discovers that his late father was really a secret agent for the KGB.
The director, student of Ermanno Olmi and assistant of some of his films, explains who he learned to consider and see cinema as a way to tell stories and show emotion. He believes the camera should be used first of all to show and describe passions and feelings.
He talks about the protagonists of his film: Sergio Rubini, who although has always been seen playing characters who are borderline neurotics, has a childish side and a fragility that were perfect for this role, and the talented Sandra Ceccarelli. Also the music in the film has a specific role. The sound-track was in fact chosen to complete and accompany the story.

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