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Xavier Rius Planas, Managing Director at Smartclip

Industry report - Animation

Interviewed at the Cartoon Master in Murcia in April 2009, Rius explains the new forms of video-ads and the way it will be possible to generate revenues from the Internet

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Xavier Rius Planas explained how Internet turns into a key media for young generations in Europe: Internet is the most important media for 50% of the 14-24 years old age group. TV arrives in a second position in Europe. 51% of the audiovisual consumers are engaged with other things while watching TV. The opportunities for advertisers are huge: 6.7 millions people watching online videos per day in Europe. There is a new generation of ads that are emerging: in streaming video ads. The content video provider or the publisher controls the ads inside the video player. The ads are inside the Video Player. Xavier Rius showed several examples of ads: Preroll, Mid-roll, Postroll, Smartroll (Preroll with an interactive overlay) or Smartoverlay (totally interactive overlay). “The video consumption is booming”, concluded Xavier, “but the You Tube domination in the future can create a real problem of monopoly on the video advertisement market”.

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