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A Serbian Film, by Srdjan Spasojevic

BIFFF - Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2010

Interview with the director and the screenwriter of the movie in competition at the BIFFF 2010.

Milos is an ex-porn star. While he is facing financial difficulties, he can’t refuse the offer a director makes him: to act in a pornographico-artistic film in exchange with a life time financial waranty. The only trouble: Milos doesn’t know anything about the scenes before shooting them.

Srdjan Spasojevic and Aleksandar Radivojevic’s film is what you may define as trash. They co-wrote the script, but it is Spasojevic’s debut as director, while Radivojevic is well known for his sinister stories (Tears for Sale and E-Snuff, for example). But why so much violence? The question can seem obvious, but the answers given by those two Serbian directors are not. They met Cineuropa on a sunny afternoon! (A great contrast).

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