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Trailer [ES]

by Samuel Martín Mateos, Andrés Luque Pérez

mp4 (640x360) [8 MB]

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Sebastián, a small time crook who just got out of prison, decides to look for a job in the small company. Obviously, it's not what he wants to do with his life, but something tells him that the owner of the company, Regueira, hasn't bought his Jaguar just with sea food. Thanks to a trick, he gets to meet the manager of the factory, Raúl, and gets hired. Regueira doesn't trust Sebastián at first, but he soon discovers this young guy with half of his teeth gone has guts, and so he decides to turn him into his assistant. Gradually, Sebas changes his looks, gets new clothes, new teeth, and gains his boss´ confidence. Now he seems to have reached the peak - or almost. But Sebastián, so smart and ruthless, ignores he's part of a bigger game, far too big for him...

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