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Mamma Moo & Crow

Trailer [FI]

by Igor Veyshtagin

flv (400x226) [6 MB]

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Anyone who knows Mamma Moo knows that she’s a fairly unusual cow. She’s not the type of bovine to spend the best part of her life dozing on in the meadow or in the cowshed. While all the other cows are content to chew the cud and gawp into the middle distance, Mamma Moo can always be counted on to do one thing: break ranks. She likes nothing better than to feel the wind whistling about her ears. So what if her flapping has a habit of knocking out the crow from crow’s wood. He is Mamma Moo’s best friend, after all. And best friends have to stick together – no matter what. Just how these two came to be best friends is the subject of this film.

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