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Teaser 30sec [IT]

by Giulio Manfredonia

mp4 (640x360) [3 MB]

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It’s not hard to figure out Cetto La Qualunque. He wants to have it all and to hell with the consequences. Cetto is the kind of man who will stop at nothing and it’s sometimes wise to keep a low profile. He describes himself as a ‘businessman’, a profession he practices without a shred of scruples, in a manner that is thoroughly corrupt and ignorant. He was born in Calabria where ideas such as democracy and the environment are sneered at. After a prolonged holiday – for this is the official explanation for his absence of many months – Cetto returns to his home town. But he is not alone. His new girlfriend and her daughter, whose name he cannot for the life of him remember, accompany the debonair head of the household. Among those living here are Carmen, Cetto’s long-suffering wife, and the entrepreneur’s disappointing son. Cetto has been away far too long and he is incredulous to find that a new law-abiding approach now prevails – and this is not at all good for business. Fortunately, he has returned to his home town in the nick of time...

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