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Claude Chabrol - director

Interview - Berlin Film Festival

French director presents at the press conference his film La Fleur du Mal (The Flower of Evil)

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by Federico Greco

French director Claude Chabrol is interviewed with the cast during the press conference of the 53rd Berlin International Film Festival, where his film La Fleur du Mal(The Flower of Evil) was screened.
The film tells the story of a seemingly perfect wealthy Bordeaux family whose distinguished facade starts to crack. It's not long before three generations of scandal explode, burying the family under the weight of mysterious deaths, incest and patricide.
From the French master of suspense a film that focuses on a social class he believes to be the "most interesting and ridicules". As he says "I make films about the middle class because I think it’s the only social class still in existence". A wonderfully entertaining guide to way of life of French bourgeoisie in the Bordeaux region, even though this picture of respectability is threatened, and the idyllic background is matched by a constant streak of irony and cynicism.
A film about a family, with a cast that in fact includes the director's wife, daughter and sons, because "if you make a film about the family you have to work with your relations".

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