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Torkel Petersson, actor

Shooting Stars 2003 - Sweden

Swedish Petersson will have seen by audiences in Jalla ! Jalla !, Old Men In New Cars and Kopps

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video by Frank Stender for Europanet - Invideo

Shooting Stars at EFP

Audiences will have seen Torkel Petersson, Shooting star from Sweden, in Lasse Spang Olsen’s Old Men In New Cars and in Josef FaresJalla ! Jalla ! and Kopps.

"I would like to introduce myself to the Internet audience: my name is Torkel Petersson or as we say in Sweden: Torkel Pettersson... and I’m going to become a very famous actor within two or three years, maybe.
After this event I hope that I will be very successful all over Europe and the United States and all over the world. My recent work was in a film which came out last week and which is called Kops. Ordinary cops in a small, small village in Sweden, who want to be like American cops. And they shut the police station down and begin to make crimes themselves - that's the action. 'Swedish saying/speech' - 'I’ve just said that I love my girl friend and that I’d like to spend more time with her'".

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