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Tutto tutto e niente niente

Trailer [IT]

by Giulio Manfredonia

mp4 (640x360) [12 MB]

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Three men, each completely and utterly innocent in the eyes of their mothers, find themselves behind bars at the mercy of the Law. They are united by two things: politics and the dark forces plotting against them. In the case of religious zealot and beatification chasing Frengo Stoppato the dark force is his mother! But what has the purple suit wearing Calabrian mayor Cetto La Qualunque ever done to upset the establishment, besides diligently maintaining a series of ongoing political crises and sexual scandals? And who would want to stop military historian Rodolfo Favaretto’s dream of annexing Northern Italy as an economic paradise serviced by illegal immigrants? Only someone even more insane and deluded than they are would attempt to end such promising political careers in a comedy that is too close to reality for comfort.

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