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Il Posto dell'anima, by Riccardo Milani: the cast

Interview - Press conference

Interview with the director and the cast during the press conference for the presentation of the film Il Posto dell’Anima

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by Federico Greco

Italian director Riccardo Milani is interviewd with the actors Silvio Orlando, Michele Placido, Claudio Santamaria and Paola Cortellesi, during the press conference for the presentation of his film Il Posto dell’Anima.
The film tells the story of a group of workers who lose their jobs following the closure of a factory in a small town nestled in the mountains in southern Italy.
As the director explains, he tried to tell a different story, a story of an Italian lower class with real problems. He tries to show a society trough its contradictions, lacerations and difficulties from a human point of view rather than social or political.
The actors, chosen for their credibility, tell the story of three men and their families affected by the sudden loss of income and hope, struggling to move on.

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