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Gabriele Salvatores - director


Gabriele Salvatores talks about the plot and the characters of his film I'm not scared (Io non ho paura)

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“The first time I read this book, my attention was drawn to the fact that there are all these children who experience things that normally are the domain of adults. Bringing together some of the darker aspects of life, including the concept of fear, with infancy is something that has always attracted and interested me.
When we were younger, we either did not see this or don’t remember... if you look at the world of children... their world appears, by and large, to be a serene one when in reality childhood is full of monsters and nightmares and, of course dreams, as we all know. I liked that and I also like the contrast between the two main characters, the two children. One is sunny, strong and positive while the other is forced into a dark hole, shut away and subject to hallucinations and detached from reality”.

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