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By the Rails


by Catalin Mitulescu

mp4 (1280x720) 1:52

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Sometimes we think we know those close to us so well that a year apart won’t make any difference. Adrian seems to have relied on that fact when he temporarily left his wife Monica and his little boy to improve the family lot by working in Italy. After returning home, however, he becomes disillusioned. Monica behaves so differently than she used to that Adrian barely recognizes her; it’s almost as if they were never married. Even his son Luca is far more grown up than he could have imagined. During Adrian’s first night back much is revealed that had been left unspoken in the marriage, and not only because of the distance that separated them. The couple try to clear up the misunderstandings that have accumulated between them and to find the spark that originally attracted them to each other – if it still exists.…

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