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Upside Down

Trailer 4

by Hugo Martins

mp4 (1920x1080) 01:17

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As thousands in Lisbon march against austerity measures, jobless and lonely Susana joins the protest but can’t escape from her solitude. Meanwhile, listless Jorge lives with his mom and has insomnia. Susana and Jorge turn on their computers at night and let their secret lives unfold. Upside Down explores the reality of the young in Portugal going through economic crisis. Neither Susana nor Jorge talks much, living secluded lives. Instead, buzz from the crowd, the sound of clocks ticking, noise from radio news and cars stimulate our ears as if they are the only fragile bond the characters have with outside world; they alienate themselves and experience trouble in communicating with others. The film portrays the solitude of the young in a modern society without much help from dialogue, and the delicate presentation of sound is noticeable. An experimental piece of Hugo Martins’ film.

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