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Teaser [ov]

by Edmond Budina

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Many years of unfair suffering in a foreign prison are nothing compared to the ingratitude of our loved ones, who become unrecognisable when it comes to money and defending their own interests, without considering that destroying one’s soul and the environment means, in the first place, losing and destroying oneself. Jani, a 60-year-old man, comes back to his homeland, Albania, after a long detention in Ancona, only to find that everything has changed. From his old neighbour Marko he learns a series of shocking truths: his wife died soon after he was arrested in Italy, and his son Andi, who never tried to get in touch with him during all those years in prison, has meanwhile become one of the most influential and corrupt politicians. Jani goes to visit his small home town with Marko and what he finds is an old rundown Albanian village…

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