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Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, actor in Goog Morning Night

Interview - Venice 2003

Interview with the actor during the Venice Film Festival, for the presentation of Good Morning, Night, by Marco Bellocchio

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by Federico Greco

In the interview, the actor and producer Pier Giorgio Bellocchio talks about his experience on the set of the film Good Morning, Night [+see also:
interview: Marco Bellocchio, director …
film profile
, directed by his father Marco Bellocchio, during the 60th Venice Film Festival.
He talks about the relation with his father, a man and a director that he admires not only for his talent, but also for his capacity of directing actors, guiding them and encouraging them to express their most inner emotions while on set.
As Pier Giorgio Bellocchio says, he has been working as a producer from more than 10 years, starting to act only in 2000 with the film La Balia, which he also produced.
Although he loves acting, he will continue to work as a producer, carrying out future projects focusing on digital cinema.
He sees in fact in the digital the possibility to affirm a new independent cinema, through a different way of investing financial resources. A system that invests and uses funds encouraging productions to be screened in other countries outside Italy, even though he knows that the language can be a limit.