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Bunker Paradise


by Stéphane Liberski

real (320x136) [3 MB]

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- You’re off ?
- Yes.
- Where to?
- Japan.
- Japan. Goin’ alone ?
- Yes.

- What’s your name again ?
- Mimmo.
- That’s It ! Momo ! So, what do you have to say, Mohammed ?
- Well...dunno!
- Everybody here was born as a lucky bastard. Did you hear anybody say anything here? Nobody has anything to say. What is there to say ? but you ! You, are a taxi driver, so you are poor ! A poor guy has wishes, dreams, and wants to get ahead...
- Hey, wait, taxi, that’s the way I do it...

- A whore got completely pissed and threw herself out of your taxi?! But nobody cares, man.

- You, I can tell you wanna be famous!
- But I don’t wanna be famous ! Just wanna be recognized by my peers !
- Oh, that’s beautiful ! here it goes ! Wait, it’is
beautiful ! But it’s all bullshit, Momo! What you really want is to be on TV, you wanna be a TV star!

- You know you’re hot here, people only talk about you !

- C’m on, stop that, it’s a game !
- What!? In my house ! You fuck my wife in my own house!? Can you image, David ? You invite a stranger in your own home, he fucks your wife. What a louse!

- On guard, villein !

- He stole my crutch !
- So what, who cares about your crutch! Hop hop hop

- D’you know why all those rich kids can’t stand up to it? ‘Cause they can’t stand the idea of doing bugger all. They believe society will wait for them. It’s really tiring. Ah yes, yes ! very tiring. Inventing a little part on the play, do as if you were lookin’ for Prince Charming, have a family... Same for you, you dream of all that stuff ? Of course you dream. Like anybody else. Except for me. I’m the only one not to dream.

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