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Para que no me olvides


by Patricia Ferreira

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Irene lives with her son David, a young architecture student, and with her father Mateo, an old man who is full of life despite his tragic history: he was practically a child during the Spanish Civil War and during the post-war repression, he lost his home and his entire family. David found Clara, or she found him, at the large supermarket nearby where she is a cashier. They not only love but also understand each other. As the only child of separated parents, David cannot escape his mother’s hostility towards a relationship she feels is not good for him, as it puts his personal and professional future in jeopardy. Mateo holds them all together, perhaps due to his age, his experience, or his good nature. One day, an unexpected event will put them to the test and they will have to learn to live all over again, as each of them discovers what he or she did not know about the others.

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