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Trailer [GB]

by Bruno Dumont

mp4 (640x360) [9 MB]

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Céline is not only a theology student. She believes. Her single-minded devotion arouses the concern and suspicion of her Mother Superior, who decides to expel the intense young woman, sending her out into the world to discover her true self. Céline is young and impressionable, and her sacrifices are extreme. But Céline is eager to explore her surroundings. She meets a young man named Yassine, an Arab from the projects, and is soon attending concerts and whizzing around Paris on the back of his scooter. Céline doesn't want sex, however, and when she resists Yassine's advances, he is hopelessly confused. The young man has a brother, Nassir, who is a fervent fundamentalist believer in his own religion.

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