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by Teresa Villaverde

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Vera is a singer in her thirties; she is back in Lisbon for the final performance of her concert tour. The heat and beauty of Lisbon makes one want to be happy. Pablo, the companion she selected from among the many who answered her questionnaire, helps her through the sleepless nights. He has no family, but wishes he had. Vera concerns herself with the mysteries surrounding Pablo’s life. Vera is not afraid of the night; she is not afraid of anything. Vera has no ties. In her house, far from anywhere, is Sam, the man she loves. They only understand one another at a distance, and in writing. The house is hers, but Sam has turned up to stay. He asks her to leave because he needs to be there alone; near her things but not with her. She is hurt by this but agrees and goes away, leaving him there on his own. A child in Pablo’s care commits an irredeemable act; he kills a man. Something needs to be done; the child must be saved. Vera gets involved. She takes the child under her wing. By saving the child, she saves herself. And she saves Sam. The child is the portent of a serene uncertainty.

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