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Liza, the Fox-Fairy

Trailer [st en]

by Károly Ujj Mészáros

mp4 (640x360) [7 MB]

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Liza, a timid nurse takes care of Marta, the widow of a Japanese Ambassador to Hungary for 12 years. On her 30th birthday Liza goes to a McDonald's to find romance. 
During her short leave Marta gets killed by Liza's imaginary friend, Toni Tani, a late Japanese pop singer from the 70's. Relatives report Liza to the police, for murdering Marta to inherit her apartment. Ensign Zoltan is put on the case. The policeman moves into Liza's apartment as a lodger to keep an eye on his suspect. Zoltan secretly repairs all the faulty household equipments, suffering close to lethal accidents while falling in love with Liza.
Liza gets more confident and really attractive as she begins to read women's magazines, but all her efforts finding a date fail due to deadly accidents, arranged by Toni Tani. 
Liza gets convinced that she has turned into a Fox-Fairy, a deadly demon from Japanese fairy-tales.
The battle begins for Liza's life between the mysterious pop singer and Ensign Zoltan.

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