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La decisión de Julia

Trailer [es]

by Norberto López Amado

mp4 (640x360) [4 MB]

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Julia goes to a hotel in the centre of Madrid with a single suitcase as baggage and chooses to stay at the same room where she lived a vital and unforgettable experience in the past. She hears a song by Leo Ferré coming from the room next door. The laughter and happiness that she hears through the walls bring her back memories of happy times. Someone knocks on the door and she calmly lets her expected visitors in with a smile, knowing that she is ready to carry out her thoughtful decision. While the rain strikes the windows on a gloomy night, the narrative of her passionate life story begins; a secret love, a sudden departure, a trip to an unknown place searching answers, a descent to hell - as if it were an emotionally charged thriller, a life fed by memories emerges.

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