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The Whiskey Bandit

Trailer [hu st en]

by Nimród Antal

mp4 (1920x1080) 01:40

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A ballad about the very eventful life of a Hungarian who became a national hero before he was 30. Attila Ambrus tried all kinds of careers before becoming the country’s most famous criminal. When he turned to bank robbery in 1993, public opinion quickly saw him as a “gentleman burglar”. Attila was always polite and nice, never spilling any blood, often giving flowers to the employees of the banks he robbed, leaving bottles of champagne addressed to his pursuers. He disappeared quickly from each bank, leaving only a faint scent of whiskey. In Hungary in the midst of a transition between the end of communism and impending capitalism, he quickly became a national icon nicknamed “the Robin Hood of the Eastern Bloc”.

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