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Divorzio a Las Vegas

Trailer [it]

by Umberto Carteni

mp4 (1920x1080) 1:35

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At 18, Lorenzo (Gian Paolo Morelli) and Elena (Andrea Delogu) meet during a summer school vacation in the United States. She's the hottie of the group, he's the boring geek. During their last day of vacation, under the influence of lysergic substances, they dare to get married in Las Vegas to then eventually lose contact for the next 20 years. In the present day, Elena is a businesswoman meanwhile Lorenzo is an across the board ghostwriter: he writes speeches for politicians of any political spectrum. Lorenzo and Elena would have never met again if it weren’t for Elena's upcoming marriage with one of the wealthiest men in Italy, Gian Andrea Bertolini (Gian Marco Tognazzi). Although, to be able to marry him she has to sneak back to Vegas with Lorenzo to get divorced. A bureaucratic hassle, which will actually turn into an odyssey of twists and turns, and emotions.

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