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I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single


by Eric Lartigau

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The life is easy for Julien, 43 years old, happy single, opened out in his trade, loved, cherished, mollycoddled by his mother and his five sisters. That could have lasted a whole life, but here... Wearied to cosset him, his mother and his five sisters decide it’s time for him to marry. As quickly as possible ! Encircled by his family which does not think any more that with that, he works out a plan : to find the perfect woman that will be made pass for his fiancé and who loosely will give up him the day of the marriage. After that, it is sure, nobody will not even dare to pronounce the word marriage in front of him. But how to find this gem ? Julien sees only one solution: to rent her ! And precisely, Emma, the sister of his best friend and colleague, has just arrived to Paris and looks for a job. The plan is on the way. With at the end, freedom for Julien. Plans are well on paper. But in life, that can race...

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