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Nowhere Promised Land

Trailer [FR]

by Emmanuel Finkiel

flv (640x360) [24 MB]

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Travelling in a freight lorry, a cargo of Kurdish adults and children are trying to cross borders to illegally enter Great Britain. This long journey is endured in deplorably unhygienic conditions: with no stopovers, the passengers can neither wash or go to the toilet. Kept in darkness, with only a tiny grill at the back of the vehicle for a window, they are in constant fear of being discovered. At the same time, in France, a young executive is supervising the relocation of a factory to a cheaper country. Despite his sense of guilt about the angry workers, striking against the loss of their jobs, he still goes to Hungary to set up the new team over there. Living in a small hotel room, unable to speak a word of the local language, he suffers intense loneliness. Meanwhile, a female student on holiday is travelling across Europe alone, using a digital camera to film vagrants and the many people flayed raw by life, whose strength she admires. Arriving in Budapest, she meets a young Polish woman who invites her to stay. These travellers from different countries and backgrounds inhabit the same places but never meet. These migrations seem to be an everyday part of life of Europeans, forced to keep moving to survive, to keep their jobs, to stave off boredom, and finally find their promised land.

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